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Film in Industry

Video is uniquely able to convey complex information. It can present concepts and
applications to a technical audience in ways that text and still images cannot. It follows
why The Content Marketing Institute report that manufacturers rate ‘how-to’ videos as
the format that produced the best content marketing results in 2021.
The benefits of video engagement in digital marketing are well reported: brand
awareness, lead generation, customer engagement and retention and upselling
Beyond instructional ‘how-to’ content, how can manufacturing marketers exploit the
ever-growing appetite for video content, immersing customers and leaving a stronger,
longer-lasting impression than a quick sale or discount? Tell a story…

and why it should be a priority for marketers

1. For millennia, storytelling has been intrinsic in human communication, developing a
deeper connection between narrator and audience; a tool to communicate, educate,
share, and connect; the best way for a message to prevail.
2. Stories are a culmination of observation and experience delivered with a narrative to
provide a powerful method for learning; they transmit knowledge and meaning and, told
well, communicate more deeply.
3. Stories can be a strategic tool, used to form a narrative within a marketplace, or
tactically, a move away from a structured message, giving your consumers a creative and
different entry to your brand.
Within your market, your products, your employees there’s a story to tell; a story your
customers and prospects will immerse themselves in. Let’s find it, let’s tell it.

*Adapted from Kimberly A. Whitler for Forbes

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