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Enjoy this series of short films aimed at helping young people see the benefits of engaging with the outdoors, while learning how the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) is addressing climate change.
Helped with a successful application to the Sustainable Development Fund and support from the YDNPA, Ian and Gary, have explored peat bog restoration, farming for biodiversity and flooding in Swaledale.
Along the way, the films meet Chief Executive of the YDNPA, David Butterworth, who gives an engaging and incredibly insightful interview into the importance of national parks before Joe Hudson, a youth representative for the National Park Management Plan, explores what the Authority is doing to minimise its own carbon footprint. 


We meet an Asian youth group from Leeds giving a helping hand to a Dales landowner and sustainable farmer. On a walk in Swaledale, children from a Bradford primary school learn about the impact of flooding in 2019 and experiment with how land management could minimise future floods.


The beauty of Fleet Moss is the location for investigating the incredible work of the York Peat Partnership and the hugely understated importance of peat bog restoration. Who knew that peatlands in the UK store as much carbon as all the forests in the UK and France put together; that’s 3 billion tonnes?


The films provide content to support the geography curriculum and offer awareness of selected facets of climate change, providing a source of ‘real world’ environmental impact and hence a connection with the natural world.


Feel free to share widely!

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